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Payment & Cancellation policy
Guaranteed seats require credit/debit card information to be completed.
CC/debit provided to guarantee seat(s) will be charged and receipt/confirmation sent to your email or by text.

If you check the "cash" payment box, we will tentatively reserve a "stand-by" seat (not guaranteed).
We make every effort to make as many "cash" seats available as possible.

$15 fee for cancellations between time of guarantee and 3-days prior to reservation DATE.
Cancellations by phone or e-mail must be rec’d during business hours, 7:00a-7:00p AK Time.
There is no charge to change dates up to 3-days prior to reservation DATE.

We are ticketless. Your driver will have your name on his manifest at the time of boarding.

Luggage Policy -  Each passenger is allowed:
1 large bag – up to 50 lbs, up to 62 linear inches,
like large suitcase, army duffle, framed back pack - up to 50 lbs
+ a personal carry-on - up to 10 lbs, up to 30 linear inches,
like a computer bag, brief case, large purse or day pack
Excess luggage

Excess luggage charged at $10 per bag from 1-50 lbs,
or $10 for the first bag if over 50 lbs or oversized.

Canoes/kayaks (hard or collapsible), and bicycles are not luggage.
They are cargo and excess fees will be charged.

Cats and dogs in approved airline carriers charged at
$20-$50 depending on size of carrier and weight of animal,
and travel limited to light travel dates when passenger seats can be removed to fit carrier in the van.

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